Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

NIH SeniorHealth web page provides an excellent summary of the benefits of exercise in maintaining health and independence.  The web address is:

The information is well presented and provides suggestions to assist seniors on how to incorporate an exercise program into their daily activities.

I have also scanned the printable document into a PDF file with four sections which can be found under the Resource Tab – Health and Wellness section

  • Benefits of Exercise
  • How to Get Started – Part 1
  • How to Get Started – Part 2
  • How to Stay Active
  • Frequently Asked Questions

In summary – the benefits of exercise to enhance and maintain a senior’s health and wellness is one of the most important personal commitments one can make to ensure successful aging. 

Please feel free to comment, as well as, provide examples of exercises and personal success stories

Posted by Roger A. Monthie, President – AgePlan, Inc.