AgePlan Institute

AgePlan, Inc. has established a not for profit agency located in Raton, NM. The institute will promote innovation nationally in aging and disabilities through training and research. The institute will also be an incubator for programs to serve … [Read more...]

The ‘Indices’ of the Naturally Occurring LIVING Community (NOLC)

As indicated, in our prior Blog entry, the concern and vigilance of citizens in the Naturally Occurring LIVING Communities (NOLC’s) are essential. However, support, concern and care can also be found in the organizations that are inherently … [Read more...]

The Power of the Naturally Occurring LIVING Community (NOLC)

The Power of the Naturally Occurring LIVING Community (NOLC)  Lawrence T. Force, Ph.D. and Roger Monthie, M.Ed, MPH  Overview: No one is an island. As part of our human condition – we need to live in community and have … [Read more...]

The Here and Now: Naturally Occurring LIVING Communities (NOLC’s)

Did you ever go to a 3-D Movie Theatre? You walk in, sit down - everything looks the same...until you put the 3-D glasses on - and then things begin to change. That is what we, at AgePlan, are asking you to do now. Take a walk around your community. … [Read more...]

The AgePlan Institute

Technology and Social Networking Current Area of Discussion: The impact of technology on aging AgePlan is developing a Think-Tank platform as a component of its corporate structure. The AgePlan Institute is designed to support and encourages an … [Read more...]

Adult Day Health Care Council’s Annual Conference

Adult Day Health Care Council's Annual Conference April 10 - 11, 2014  - Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa Saratoga Springs N.Y. "[re] defining Adult Day Health Careal Conference" Dr. Lawrence T Force presents - "How to Manage Challenging Behaviors … [Read more...]

The Blending of Systems: Back to the Future

In a recent edition of the Gerontologist Journal (2014) there was a special supplement dedicated to "Cultural Change in Nursing Homes". At first glance, it appeared that the paradigms being promoted to influence cultural change, i.e., self-directed … [Read more...]

Natural Occurring Living Community

Dr. Lawrence Froce and Mr. Roger Monthie are writing an E-Book on Discovering the Natural Occurring Living Community ( See Preface on the home page). As part of the process, we are looking for stories of individuals who are connected to … [Read more...]

Keeping Alzheimer’s Disease at Bay

Patterns: Treating Other Conditions May Stave Off Alzheimer’s, Study Finds By RONI CARYN RABIN Published: April 15, 2011 Older people suffering from mild memory and cognition problems may be less likely to progress to full-blown Alzheimer’s … [Read more...]

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

NIH SeniorHealth web page provides an excellent summary of the benefits of exercise in maintaining health and independence.  The web address is: The information is well presented and … [Read more...]