AgePlan Institute

AgePlan, Inc. has launched AgePlan Institute, a not-for-profit agency based in Raton, New Mexico to bring experts from across the aging, disabilities, technology, health and public policy spectrum to examine the major issues facing the changing demographics in America and beyond. Ms. Bert Dennis is the director of the institute.

AgePlan Institute will bring together experts in a virtual “Think Tank” to examine and research issues in aging and disabilities and develop proposed solutions to meet these challenges.

AgePlan Institute can be contacted through our web site, Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook social media outlets.

AgePlan Institute encourages open conversation designed to gain the greatest input. This approach will support divergent ideas that are presented in a scholarly respectful manner. Research and policy outcomes will be published through the AgePlan portals, as well as, academically accepted and recognized journals.

AgePlan Institute is a non-profit entity organized for the following purpose:


1: Promote the sharing of information in the areas of aging and disabilities

2: Create and distribute innovative programs to promote inclusion and successful aging and disabilities

3: Provide a platform for providers, academics and professionals to discuss issues in aging and disabilities

4: Provide organizational and operational expertise to entities serving individuals with disabilities to promote quality, efficiency and innovation to improve services and supports to individuals throughout their life

5: Build a knowledge based network to promote successful aging in the community

6: Through on site and virtual training bring together providers, researchers, consumers to develop evidenced based solutions, supports and services in aging and disabilities

7: Provide real life opportunities for individuals to increase, maintain and advance their independence and choices in an integrate and inclusive environment

8: Building synergy between individuals, families, and providers for innovation in 21st century technology to promote independence through the individuals Natural Occurring Living Community (NOLC)

If you are interested in being a part of the AgePlan Institute – please contact Bert Dennis at The AgePlan Institute is located at 274 North Fairview Raton, N.M. 87740