Keeping Alzheimer’s Disease at Bay

Patterns: Treating Other Conditions May Stave Off Alzheimer’s, Study Finds By RONI CARYN RABIN Published: April 15, 2011 Older people suffering from mild memory and cognition problems may be less likely to progress to full-blown Alzheimer’s … [Read more...]

Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

NIH SeniorHealth web page provides an excellent summary of the benefits of exercise in maintaining health and independence.  The web address is: The information is well presented and … [Read more...]

Walking to a Longer Life

"Want an idea of how long you’ll live? Check how fast you walk. Researchers who analyzed data in nine studies involving close to 35,000 people ages 65 and older say those whose usual walking pace was faster tended to live longer."  from  U.S. … [Read more...]

Act Like it Matters… Because it Does

Act Like it Matters... Because it Does Over the last century, the treatment for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities, i.e., residential programs and day treatment options has changed dramatically. From a historical perspective, … [Read more...]

Untapped: The Need to Blend the Systems of Care

Untapped: The Need to Blend the Systems of Care Adults with a developmental disability are experiencing an extended old age, and concerns have been raised that their increased longevity has created a demand for services and special attention that … [Read more...]

Do Unto Yourself as You Want to Do Unto Me

Do Unto Yourself as You Want to Do Unto Me: Aging in America is a process of becoming invisible. The ‘voices’ of the older population in America are muted and overshadowed by our focus on the value of ‘young’.  In fact, Aging in America is … [Read more...]

Naturally Occurring Living Communities (NOLC’s)

Welcome  Welcome to the Naturally Occurring Living Communities (NOLC's) Blog. It is our intent at AgePlan to provide a forum for discussion and resource sharing as it relates to the development of Naturally Occurring Living Communities (NOLC's) … [Read more...]